Music WILL enrich your life, and what is cooler than playing guitar??? (I make learning tons of fun too!)

Students of all ages keep telling me how thilled they are to have found me!!

I want you to experience my "contagious passion" for music first-hand!!

Get in touch below and I'll get back to you asap with some exciting info to get you started, and I'll even give you a free "30 min Introduction to Guitar" workshop with me! (or a free 30 min lesson for experienced players)

Music is awesome!!

When I was a kid, I looked forward to guitar lesson day all week. My guitar teachers were my heroes! I felt lucky to spend time with a cool adult who was a total Rockstar to me (and a great role model)... learning to play was almost a bonus!

Fast forward... In over 22 years of teaching I've made it so my students have even more fun and actually learn 10x as much as I did as a kid!

I can barely imagine how much faster I would have progressed if I had a teacher like me...

...Of course this applies to ADULT students too!


My students become better musicians by exploring diverse styles like Rock, Blues, Spanish/Latin, African, Gypsy Jazz, and more...

...and they WILL learn to play with some of their favourite songs too!!


We have the technology!! Let's use it! Whether that's videos of me to play along to, or videos of my students playing awesome music (the BEST thing to share with friends and family!) They help students learn, be proud of themselves, and they will make amazing memories many years from now!


My students of all ages learn how to be creative. Improvising, jamming, playing along with recordings/videos, songwriting... such an amazing way to engage parts of the brain that we don't use enough in every day life.


This is all about my student's success, and I'm here to help! You get to deal directly with the teacher, all the time. If you need clarification, you can contact me during the week so you get the most of your music time!


Nicole F.

Studio Parent

(After a 7 year old's second lesson ever!) "He has already started asking when his next guitar lesson is...I joked with my husband that you have taken on "hero" status in our house...

Sue C.

Studio Parent

"Phill is hands down THE best music instructor. This is the 3rd instrument I am learning. My 8 and 10 year old children are also taking lessons from Phill as well (Grandma just started too!!). He always asks what songs we want to learn, tailors the lessons for our diverse music experience and is always very punctual and organized. His ability to write tab by ear is incredible. After 1.5 years of lessons, my 8 year old daughter was able to confidently play Metallica on the electric guitar for her grade 3 class. They are always excited to see Phill (and add to his growing collection of origami). We have never had any issues booking convenient timeslots for our semesters. Very professional, knowledgable and always friendly. 

Max C.

Studio Parent

"This is a review for my 13 year old son who has taken guitar lessons with Phil for 2 years. Phil is an excellent guitar teacher. Joey has had other guitar teachers and found Phil was really good at providing ways for Joey to be able to actually play interesting music right away. Phil has amazing knowledge of possible music options and really got Joey playing recognizable music quickly. This was really motivating for Joey and he got into his lessons much more than his previous experiences. That being said, he still taught the basics and incorporated this into songs that Joey wanted to experiment with. Phil has a sincere passion for teaching guitar and obviously cares a great deal about his students progress. We would recommend his lessons to anyone we know.

I'm the guy with the beard...


Join the hundreds of past and present families who have enriched their child's lives (and/or their own) through the power of music! (and sign up for your free "30min Introduction to Guitar" workshop, while they are available!)


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